I Completed The Starter League, Now What?

It’s been one week since Demo Day and the completion of The Starter League… now what?

Some of my fellow Starters have gotten hired as Junior Developers, some are looking at apprenticeships, others have returned to their old jobs with a new skill set. Personally I went from being a freelance wordpress developer working out of my kitchen to a freelance Rails developer working out of 1871 as a member. Definitely a step up, even with an awesome kitchen like mine.

This week I decided to offer MVPs for as low as $500 (for a limited time). MVP or Minimum Viable Product is meant to show the potential of a new product or idea without necessarily being ‘Ready to Ship’ or even fully functional. This would be something to show new investors, potential partners, or anyone else who may be interested in the idea. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than an MVP is worth a million.


Currently I am looking for anyone with a Great App Idea who would like to create an MVP. Do you have a great app idea? Are looking to move forward with an MVP? Let’s discuss and see if it would be a good fit.

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