In 2009, while a student at DePaul University, Mike Land started his own Web Development business providing custom WordPress sites. Mike was studying Economic and Entrepreneurship, didn’t know how to code, and couldn’t tell DNS from a DDOS, but that didn’t stop him. Quite the contrary, he set up a testing site and began fiddling with the PHP code, just to see what would happen. After crashing the test site a few times, Mike’s interest was piqued.

In 2011, Mike answered an ad for a position at Rocket Lease, a local Chicago startup. Mike walked in expecting to see a bustling office with a dozen employees. Much to his surprise, he found one guy in sandals with a split keyboard. The Art of War teaches, ‘when small appear big.’ Mike had seen this powerful lesson first hand, and he wanted in on the action. Six months later, in 2012, Mike enrolled in an 8-week bootcamp for Ruby on Rails Web Development at The Starter League.

Continuing his Web Development business, now with Rails, Mike went on to provide custom web development projects for more and more clients. In 2014, after having become proficient with Nodejs and other JavaScript frameworks as a means to conquer the web, Mike enrolled in Mobile Makers’ 9 week iOS Bootcamp to tackle Mobile Development.

In June of 2017 Mike join ChangEd as CTO. ChangEd: Collect change, pay down student debt. An app that super powers your spare change to help pay down your student loans!

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