Great Portfolio Examples

Clients/Employers Need Things To Click On

I tell the Devs, Build Your Brand, that’s what it’s about.

Here is a list of Portfolio pieces. Every one of these software projects could be done by a brand new dev. No Experience Necessary, in fact this is where the experience comes from. - by PDF Origami

Arrive at the site, it translates the current time into a date and tells you a historical fact that happened on that date. - by Christian Lawson-Perfect

It’s a Clock and it’s Wobbly, don’t over think it. - by Billy Wojcicki

Pick the right flag for the country - by Kuboble

Kuboble Try to find a way home for all the balls! - by Draw Aurora

Draw Aurora Borealis

Build something like this and talk gushingly about it to potential Clients and Employers. This is the way.

All of these were found on Hacker News

Here Are My Portfolio Pieces

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