The Starter League Experience - Completion

Eleven Weeks ago I began the Web Development program at The Starter League. The course led up to Starter Night where 120 Students showcased their app creations. It’s worth noting that at in this program there are no tests, no grades, no college credit, so these projects serve as both a platform for learning as well as a measurement of our progress.

Team Adventurr.Us consisted Mike Dorrance, Kitty Singsuwan, and myself. Mike Dorrance, Started out with a pain point of wanting to take his kids out on fun adventures, however he had no idea where to go or whether or not his kids would even have fun. This was the beginning of Adventurr.Us, a Family App that allows you to search for family-friendly activities by age, then read reviews from the kids themselves.

Team Adventurr.Us presents…

Adventurr.Us Family. Fun. Unplugged.


Right now we are looking for families interested in beta testing version 1.0.

When I began The Starter League Experience I had virtually no coding experience. My intention was to go from no experience to the point where I had enough knowledge and understanding to where I could continue learning and creating apps on my own. For this The Starter League delivered.

The next step for me is to continue to hone my craft. At the Starter League there was an energy of innovation, cultivation, and creation. Over the upcoming years I’ll long forget about the error messages that baffled me for hours, even days, however I’ll never forget the feeling of working through them at The Starter League Winter 2013.

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