The Starter League Experience - Week 8

Websites pretty much create themselves these days, right?!? Well not really… Luckily I have been learning Ruby on Rails from the ground up at The Starter League. I can make a website, no problem, I’ll just generate some scaffolds and a couple models, Rails makes that easy (so I’ve been told)… ok done. Wait now I need some sort of front-end design, right? I can’t just leave it like this… Ok Twitter Bootstrap, got it. Looks like I am ready to go, Wait what about authentication? Oh right, no problem, bcrypt gem… wait what about authorization? Oh right, Rails makes that easy (so I’ve been told). No problem, I’ll just add “before_filter :authorized_user” to my models, I mean controller, ok done! Alright my app is ready to go… Except wait it is still on localhost:3000, that doesn’t make sense. People talk about Heroku, I’ll try that out… Ok great now my app is up and ready to go… but wait why is it so slow? Like really slow!… I hear people talk about cacheing when their site is running slow, maybe my caching is too high, or is it too low? Maybe I should just upgrade my Heroku to a paid version… wait, what the hell is a Dyno?…

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