Just people saying your idea is good, doesn't make it good

People telling you, “good idea”, is NOT a reliable metric for the market viability of your idea. Another approach is to generate a hypothesis of the problem, what exactly is the problem you are trying to solve? Ask yourself, what group of people would really benefit from this proposed solution? THEN you go and find those people and interview them.

People telling you, “good idea”, is NOT a reliable metric for the market viability of your idea.

So you interview these people about problem X, which is so horrible they are taking time out of their day to talk to you about it. Once they have explained what they are dealing with, getting as much info you can on the problem, what solutions have they tried in the past, why had they not worked? Then once that is complete, you could show them some mockups of your proposed solution, ideally they would be really thrilled and want to get their hands on it right away.

After some interviews, you put all the valuable data into action with an MVP or Minimum Viable Product. Your MVP is an illusion of your full offering. It’s a test app, just a simple, slimmed down app, with only one function, and one purpose, to solve problem X.

Likely in the beginning you won’t have fancy algorithms running the backend of your app, it will be you, think of it as a Human Driven Backend. You essentially want people to PROVE how seriously they want YOUR solution. Sure they say they like it, they say it’s good. But are they willing to actually pull out their phone, open your app, make a few taps, in order to solve that problem. How bad do they want it?

An MVP is a great way to test the market viability of your product, it’s far more reliable than people telling you your idea is good.

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