Learn Craps Yo - Patient Dealers Teaching Craps On A Mobile App

Craps is a fun game, I should know, once upon a time I was a Craps Dealer before getting into iOS development. I wanted to create a Craps game that could FULLY teach Craps. Game integrity is very important, some of the other Craps games on the app store have glaring errors which allow for moves which would never be allowed on a real Craps table, not to mention there is little, if any, actual guidance.

This is why I created Learn Craps Yo, to fully teach Craps in a risk-free environment, with 100% game integrity, all under the helpful guidance of friendly dealers.

In my experience the tough thing about teaching someone Craps is the fact that when teaching the Pass Line (the most fundamental bet), the winning number changes, that is to say there are two different states to the game, the Come Out Roll (the first part), and once a Point has been established (the second part). This created a situation where it is very helpful to teach, while actually playing Craps.

Now with Learn Craps Yo there are dozens of friendly dealers available ready to walk you through each and every bet, all in a convienent iPhone/iPad app.

Interested in Craps? Download Learn Craps Yo Today!

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