HN Vimmy Bot Now Tweets Hacker New Discussion Link Along With Story Link

By popular demand, HN Vimmy Bot will now Tweet the Hacker News discussion link along with the link to the story. This means you will get all the great Vim tweets you got before, only from now on it will be accommodated with a link to the associated Hacker News discussion thread. No more searching for that discussion link, now it’s right in the tweet.


Monday afternoon a short 20 minute Twitter poll was conducted to gauge the interest of including a discussion link. The results were unanimous, the message was clear, followers of HN Vimmy Bot overwhelmingly supported the purposed measures.

This is wonderful news for all of HN Vimmy Bots followers, their voices were heard and now HN Vimmy Bot will better suit the needs of his followers.

Are you interested in Vim Stories on Hacker News? Be sure to follow HN Vimmy Bot on Twitter.

Read more about HN Vimmy Bot here

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