Mike P Land
Independent iOS Developer

Don’t let that great idea go to waste.

An MVP, or a Minimum Viable Product, is a great way to test your idea in the market place at an affordable price.

I’m a Chicago-based independent iOS developer, who specializes in MVPs. I work with people to boil their idea down to something that can be tested amongst a group of beta testers.

Whether you plan to ultimately secure financing or to self-finance, an MVP is a great opportunity to prove that your idea is viable. An early Beta testing round is an opportunity to collect qualitative and quantitative data on your idea.

Free Consultation, available to meet locally in Chicago.


Some Apps I've made:

  • Learn Craps Yo Patient Dealers Teaching Craps on a Mobile App
  • HN Vimmy Bot a friendly bot who checks Hacker News every hour and tweets out stories about VIM
  • Blackjack Book basic strategy of Blackjack delivered right to your wrist

Learn Craps Yo - Patient Dealers Teaching Craps On A Mobile App

Craps is a fun game, I should know, once upon a time I was a Craps Dealer before getting into iOS development. I wanted to create a Craps game that could FULLY teach Craps.

HN Vimmy Bot Now Tweets Hacker New Discussion Link Along With Story Link

By popular demand, HN Vimmy Bot will now Tweet the Hacker News discussion link

Just people saying your idea is good, doesn't make it good

People telling you, “good idea”, is NOT a reliable metric for the market viability of your idea.

If your startup idea is the answer, your MVP is the question

MVP or Minimum Viable Product should boil down to a question