The Starter League Experience - Week 2

Here I am at the end of week two of my journey to learn Ruby on Rails at The Starter League. At this point I have created several computer programs, one that repeats your name back to you in capital letters, one that randomly selects a daily ruby method for you to learn, even one that sings the song “99 bottle of beer on the wall” (I crashed my system a few times while making that one, those pesky infinity loops and all)

Theme for this week:

Tear down, rebuild, tear down, rebuild… After following along dutifully this week, it wasn’t until I sat down in front of a blank ruby file and tried to create a program truly from scratch that I realized that I need serious practice. In massage therapy we use to call it “table time,” … time sitting there getting stuck, getting errors, working through IF-Then statements, figuring out alternative ways to run the program, in other words ACTUALLY coding.

On that note allow me to finish this blog post in ruby.

if coding.push

returns programmer


returns status_quo


I == excited

mikeland$ ruby if_coding.rb if_coding.rb:1:in <main>': undefined local variable or method coding’ for main:Object (NameError)

Ok, undefined local variable, game on…

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