I Posted My App On Hacker News It Received 4 Points, Here's What Happened

It’s now been 24 hours since I posted on Hacker News about my Weather Window AI. This is my latest app which produces an A.I. Generated Photo Of Current Weather In A Random City. Now that the dust has settled I wanted to post about the results.

The app grabs a random city, queries for the weather, then generates an OpenAI Image based on the Weather and City.

Here is an example tweet from today:

Last night at roughly 7:14PM Central Time I created this post on Hacker News. I debated posting the code, but now that the Twitter account is LIVE, I figured I would just post the Twitter Page since the link to the code was right there in the Twitter Profile.

My photos without Hacker News average about ~30 views, with the Hacker News post, below are the stats are of the time of this writing. Here is the analytics for the tweet which was on the top of the feed at the time of the posting.


Here are the analytics from another tweet, also from China, a day prior. Notice it’s getting 29 Impression. This seemed to be roughly average leading up to the Hacker New Post


It’s my assessment my post garnered roughly 60 views. Presumablly of those ~60 people, 8% or so, decided to upvote my post on Hacker News (Thanks). Also it seems based on the engagement number most the viewers from Hacker News were viewing the tweet without a logged in account.

Interested in AI photos of the current weather of a random city?

Follow Weather Window AI!

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